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Why Choose Us
At Best Care Home Health, our focus is in making your life at home more convenient through personalized home health services.

Contact Information

  • 600 22nd Street, Suite 301
    Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-1949
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  • Phone: 630-645-9600
    Toll Free: 855-405-6107
    Fax: 630-645-1455
Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in Illinois

imageSpeech therapy assists the patient with swallowing difficulties, general facial weakness, difficulty in thinking of words and understanding them, as well as improving the overall strength of speech.

Best Care’s speech therapists assist the patient with mild, moderate, or severe eating, feeding and swallowing difficulties including dysphagia. As your Home Health Care Provider in Illinois, we assist with mild, moderate, or severe language difficulties as a result of stroke, neurological conditions, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and cancer of head, neck and throat.

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